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Kelly Hall at LAL originally collected a significant number of pictures of various kinds of cats, and put them on the Web. When he ran out of disk space, I decided to give the cats a new home, not bearing the thought of them ending up in that big bit-bucket in the sky. Here they are, merged with my own, more modest feline archive. There is no particular order except alphabetically according to filename.

A mirror site of the original LAL archive is maintained by B B Burns in the UK. Here you can find most of, but not all the pictures in the UiO archive.

If you'd like to contribute to this archive, send your image (preferably gif or jpeg, but other formats possible) to me via e-mail ().

A selection of beautiful, original cat pictures by Kayomi is available here.

Kari Dickenson has some pictures of her kittens online.

Helena Norman has got a couple of charming cats too.

Another cat archive exists in Holland. Check it out!

In Norway, the authorities have given permission to HUNT DOWN AND KILL 20% of the remaining ~500 individuals of the Eurasian Lynx.
Why don't you sign our petition against this?
The lynxes can't speak for themselves. WE must speak for them!


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Lynxes & bobcats

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"Artificial" cats

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