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In 1969, the Red Book: Wildlife in Danger, published by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), listed at least 120 mammalian species as "presently in some (or great) danger of extinction".

Less than 30 years later on October 5, 1996, the World Conservation Union (IUCN), made world headlines when it released its most thorough, up to date findings gathered by 1,500 government and non-government experts of over 100 countries around the globe. Of 26 mammalian orders nearly 1,200 species are in threat of extinction -- about 25%. 24 orders include threatened species while 6 of the largest orders have over 50 threatened species each.

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These pages are dedicated to the Lynx
The only wild feline that still spans the breadth of both Old and New Worlds
in the northern hemisphere.

"Make endangered species a vivid presence in the lives of people. Make it clear that every endangered species has a name, has a million-year history, has a place in the world. Bring us face-to-face with each one of those species. Make us know that they are our companions in the biosphere. They are not just something out there you look at once in a while, but they're a part of our existence ... they are a part of us."
~Edward O. Wilson